Founded in 1990, REMCO has come a long way since it’s early days. Our history has built us into the in depth and highly specialized service team that we are today. Employing over 800 people in it’s different departments, REMCO staff members are experts in electrical systems, engineering, air conditioning, plumbing and fire safety works. Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah Phone : +971 4 2862444  Fax : +971 4 2859849  Email : remco@emirates.net.ae  Web Mail Login 





At REMCO we not only provide excellent contracting and maintenance services, but we also furnish high quality products to the general market. Our Commercial department’s products are widely utilized in the United Arab Emirates area and include:

Aspen A/c Accessories
Aspen Rubber Insulation is manufactured in compliance with rigorous American standards. It is completely reliable and trustworthy with many engineers, designers and installations specialists confidently using it in the modern market. In addition to being flexible, this remarkable closed cell structure is an elastomeric thermal insulator. It is available in both tube and sheet form which makes it very easy to install. Our commercial department can provide you with actual values on the key performance benchmarks for insulation in your mechanical system. We often find that Aspen is an ideal solution to insulation needs.

Air-conditioning units & accessories

We supply a wide range of products in this category which cater to all the requirements of electro mechanical works. These products include but are not limited to:

  • Mc-Quay split air conditioners (for which we are a direct distributor)
  • Kimmco Fiber glass insulation from Kuwait (we stock rigid boards, blankets, duct liners and pipe insulation)
  • Foster adhesive from the United States
  • Aluminium tape
  • Sandwich rubber pads
  • Anti-vibration hangers
  • GI clamps
  • Canvas cloth from Pakistan
  • Freon gas R – 22 and R – 134A

So is your business or building organisation looking for electro mechanical products with the Dubai or Northern Emirates area? If so, give us a call today to find out how we can help you. Our high quality products are supplied in record time and are priced very competitively for the market. We can deliver right to your door step or help with the installation process.

Other Services