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Duct fabrication work shop


REMCO’s duct fabrication workshop is an advanced facility which creates a variety of different AC accessories. Talk to us if you need:

  • Volume control dampers
  • Access doors and panels
  • Air filters and flanges
  • Non-retain dampers
  • U-channels and corner angles
  • Cable tray covers
  • Round ducting and accessories
  • Spiral ducting and accessories

Our workshop is run by specialists and is located in Umm Ramool, Al Rashidya, Dubai. It has a total working area of 7,800 square feet and has three lines of duct fabricating machinery with a production capacity of around 15,000 square feet of ducting per day.

All the workshop equipment is high class and modern, utilizing the latest technology for duct fabrication. Some of our popular machines and what they can be used for are shown for your interest below.

Auto fold machine Prepares straight ducting.
Plasma machine Prepares reducers, elbows, Y pieces, round to squares, collars and all taper pieces.
RASH machine Locks straight ducting.
Lock former machine Creates pitts joints and C joints.
Hydraulic shearing machine Cuts small ducts for VCDs, access doors, air filter flanges, NRDs, U- Channels, corner angles, cable tray covers etc.
Bending machine Bends the ducts received from the hydraulic shearing machine and prepares the VCD blades.
Roller machine Prepares round ducts and round collars.
Drilling machine Drills ducts to make neccessarry holes.
Flanging machine Forms elbow cores.
Grooving machine Prepares round ducts, collars and grooving.

For high quality ducting made in a world class production environment, give REMCO a call today.

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